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The Expendables 2 : Back for War

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Mister C. brings together the Expendables for a mission that should be very easy and get them rich.But one of them Bill  the Kid (Liam Hemsworth)  , dies during the mission.The others start a revenge that is very dangerous.They’ll go in the enemy territory so they’ll have to be ready for unexpected threatening forces.
Simon West is one of the best directors from Hollywood.He directed this movie as well.He is 51 years old and his best movies are: ''Con Air- Avionul Condamnatilor''(1997) ; ''Lara Croft: Tomb Rider'' (2001) ''The Cape'' (2011) ''The Mechanic-Mecanicul'' (2011).
     Safe 2012
We all know that not only the director is important while making a movie,the cast is very important too.So in this movie the cast come into notice:there are the best actors ever: Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jason Statham etc. ."The Expendables 2" presents a young actor named Liam Hermsworth (Bill the Kid) an actor from the new generation who has the honor to play with such good actors from the last 40 years.
     Writers Richard Wenk ''The Mechanic-Mecanicul'' ; ''16 Blocks (2006)"; Sylvester Stallone ''Rocky'' ; "Rambo First Blood(1982) "; Dave Callaham  "Horsemen (2009)" ; "Eroi de Sacrificiu"; Ken Kaufman "Space Cowboys"; "Curious George"; David Agosto.

     "The Expandables(2010) is a movie full of action and spectacle while The Expandables 2 comes with much more action.The actors are playing their role very well just like we expected.There are spectacular stunts and great shooting.I can say that this movie is the perfect combination between comedy and action.

     The budget of this movie was 100,000,000 $ and the revenues from the first weekend were about  28,591,370 $.Now the revenues are about 66,159,000 $.This movie is likely to become one of the best movie action.

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